White Supremacy is Sneaky

Why we do individual work on ourselves when there is so much wrong in the world around us.

Racism is constructed and held by an interconnected system of individual, interpersonal, systemic and institutional systems. Individual and Interpersonal are the areas we can work on right now and that we have control over right now.

If we don’t work on our own racism it leaks out into every anti-racist action we try to take.

Attempting to do systemic and institutional work before we have done individual work can (and in my experience almost inevitable does perpetuate white supremacy. If we try to work systemically before we have the ability to truly see our own racism we can easily promote white supremacy in processes, policy and practices.

What we really want is to stop causing harm. Acknowledging our own racism is the bedrock underneath the anti-racist road

Individual work is needed before interpersonal work in racial settings if we wish to avoid causing more harm. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t work to make changes in policy, law, and organizational practices. It means we need to do the often times harder and more grueling work of tackling our own racism at the same time.