Resources for Anti-racist Action

This is an exciting time, all over the country and in many parts of the world. White people are taking steps to really dive into the process of dismantling racism.

What I love about the white people in my circle, including you, is that you are actually taking steps instead of making gestures. As you know unlearning everyday racism is a lifelong process and requires each of us to dig deep, to be humble, to be open and willing to learn. 

White people must do this work and we can do it.

I believe white people can approach this work with direction, love, and practical actions that move us forward on our anti-racist journey. And I know that we can get way, way, better at talking about race and taking action against racism. 

Structure and community make all the difference.

This is work that we need to do throughout our lives and the road can be long and hard to stay on without a map, fellow travelers, clear action steps, the ability to see what our next big milestone should be and where we have already traveled.

Without structure or a community that keeps us accountable, it is easy for us to lapse back into non-action and to let ourselves stop growing.  My goal is to make this work easier (doing the work will always feel pretty hard but trying to figure out what to do next doesn’t have to be)

Use the free resources here to make your progress on the anti-racist road easier

Take a look at the Unlearning Everyday Racism Video Library and search over 90 videos. Your search results will give you a list of all the exact places in the specific videos where I talked about your topic.

#1 Tip: When you are going on a long journey, bring a map

Are you walking the anti-racist road without a map? Download the free Unlearning Everyday Racism Progress Path Workbook. It will provide you with a map that will tell you where you are now and what your next steps should be on the anti-racist road.

Thank you for all that you do to dismantle racism, destroy white supremacy and recover from whiteness!