Unlearning Everyday Racism 6 Week Series starting January 2019


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Format: A small group of white people (6-8 per session) learn together and practice behavior awareness and behavior change. Together we encourage each other to be aware, accountable and to be continuously learning. The focus is on integration and action based on what we learn, this is not a lecture series.

Topics we cover include some of the foundations of whiteness and their antidotes: perfectionism, right to comfort, sense of urgency, only one right way, individualism, either-or-thinking, paternalism, white privilege, white culture,  “implicit bias”, objectivity, fear of open conflict, simplicity vs context, spirituality

Each session is 1.5 hours and there is application practice and reflection between sessions. Two one-hour private consultations are included along with a private Facebook group for connection, accountability and support.

Cost for the series is $450.  

Pay in 2  payments of $225  or 1 payment of $450

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