Having trouble being consistent with your anti-racist work?

Maybe you aren’t avoiding your anti-racism work because you can’t keep motivated

Maybe what is missing is a framework that makes learning and continuous improvement easier.

Racism is entrenched in our lives in complicated and insidious ways. It takes a lifetime to unlearn and is embedded in our institutions and systems. Why not take everything we know about how learning works and apply it to this difficult learning and unlearning process? 

How do we learn something difficult?

  • Know where to start
  • Know what the first steps should be 
  • Knowing how to measure progress
  • Base learning on what others who have already learned or whose life experience has taught them 
  • Using their guidance to know where to prioritize
  • Daily practice for as long as it takes
  • Mindset that allows for learning and mistakes
  • Learn fundamentals first
  • Learn in a community of learners
  • Practice in the real world 
  • Identify milestones and goals
  • Make a time commitment

How many of these conditions exist for you as you walk the anti-racist road? How many of these conditions are missing?

Put one of them in place today. Give yourself the benefit of some real structure and tools that help you stay motivated and clear about what your next steps are. Who can have the courage it takes to confront racism in ourselves and the world if we don’t have clarity about what and how to learn and what we need to learn and do next.

Choose a fundamental concept about whiteness, white supremacy or racism. Choose one and focus on putting that concept into action in your thoughts, actions and behaviors.

Try measuring your progress

Choose one way you are going to measure your progress on the anti-racist road. Write down where you are right now using that measurement and check again in a few months. You can measure ease in racial conversations, confidence in coming back from mistakes. Whatever you are trying to change, find a way to measure progress.

Track goals and celebrate progress

Start keeping track of your goals starting with identifying where you are, noting what you have accomplished and identifying your current gaps. Create 3 concrete goals and write them down. Work on those goals like you would any other difficult learning endeavor.

And finally, celebrate your progress! What have you learned? How has your behavior changed? The anti-racist road is long but to stay on it we have to notice that we are getting somewhere.