Fighting Fragility and Fear and Taking Action Against Racism Today

Staying in hope and action during a pandemic and election uncertainty

This weekend I drove home from a lovely walk along the Willamette river in Portland Oregon with my wife and little dog Jake. As we drove home a large group of trucks waving Trump signs went by on the highway. I mean a lot of trucks. I was worrying about what that was going to lead to as we were passed by a group of police in riot gear, hanging off of their transport vehicle, heading downtown. Then later that night we got the news about the person who was shot downtown.

Portland is not in chaos!

For those of you who only know Portland from the news, we are not over-run or immersed in chaos. Demonstrations have been ongoing and they have been planned, well led and thoughtful about specific outcomes they are demanding. I hate that the important work that BLM and other Black led groups have been carefully engaged in have been eclipsed by groups of largely white people with their own agendas on the ground and in the media.

Hope makes action possible

That’s not what I wanted to say today though. This weekend I found myself overwhelmed with anger, fear, worry and hopelessness. All of it, the pandemic, people refusing to wear masks, unbreathable air, and the election ahead. I spent the weekend in that horrible state.

Hope is not a luxury, it is a neccesity

I am so grateful for the person early Monday morning who reminded me that active hope is necessary if I want to stay in action. Working to dismantle racism takes a lifetime commitment. Hope comes from believing that a step I take right now will make a difference. So to stay in hope and action we need to focus on what we can do right now. And I know I can take hopeful action one day at a time. So today I invite you to join me in focusing on today. What will you do today to take action against racism? One hope-filled action in this next 24 hours.

I would love to hear what you will do to get better at talking about race or taking action against racism in this 24 hours. Know I am with you as you take action today.