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What do you want to get from a community of peers who are working on their racism? What current members were looking for: “I want a place where I don’t have to edit or get it right and where I will receive honest feedback and critique from others in my learning process” “I need more […]

Unlearning Everyday Racism Video Library

Welcome to the Unlearning Everyday Racism Video Library! Search the Unlearning Everyday Racism video library of more than 90 videos using keywords. For example: “White Fragility” or “Mistakes” The search results will take you right to the exact place in the specific video where I talk about that topic. Try it out!

Take daily action

Sign up for a weekly email with action steps Keep your anti-racist work fresh and your motivation high Stay hopeful and continuously learning Unlearning Everyday Racism Membership might be the place for you Are you are ready to be part of a community of anti-racist white people who are committed to take action against racism […]

Microagressions are Everyday Racism

Racial microaggressions are often defined as brief, recurring, intentional or unintentional acts that white people do to people of color. For me it is just simpler to call microagressions everyday racism. These are the behaviors that make up much of our everyday racism.  Often we find it difficult to notice this type of racism as we […]

Before You Hire Your First Person of Color

Some foundational preparation before hiring people of color into your all-white (or mostly white) organization Get clear about why you want a more racially diverse workplace Write a “why” statement. Knowing why help you stay focused when things get hard and helps you identify the outcomes you want from a multi-racial workplace. There are lots […]

Having trouble being consistent with your anti-racist work?

Maybe you aren’t avoiding your anti-racism work because you can’t keep motivated Maybe what is missing is a framework that makes learning and continuous improvement easier. Racism is entrenched in our lives in complicated and insidious ways. It takes a lifetime to unlearn and is embedded in our institutions and systems. Why not take everything […]

White Supremacy is Sneaky

Why we do individual work on ourselves when there is so much wrong in the world around us. Racism is constructed and held by an interconnected system of individual, interpersonal, systemic and institutional systems. Individual and Interpersonal are the areas we can work on right now and that we have control over right now. If […]

Resources for Anti-racist Action

This is an exciting time, all over the country and in many parts of the world. White people are taking steps to really dive into the process of dismantling racism. What I love about the white people in my circle, including you, is that you are actually taking steps instead of making gestures. As you […]

Fighting Fragility and Fear and Taking Action Against Racism Today

Staying in hope and action during a pandemic and election uncertainty This weekend I drove home from a lovely walk along the Willamette river in Portland Oregon with my wife and little dog Jake. As we drove home a large group of trucks waving Trump signs went by on the highway. I mean a lot […]