Unlearning Everyday Racism

Breathing, Pausing and Becoming a Stronger Anti-Racist In Your Everyday Life

Often being confronted with our own racial mistakes brings up shame, confusion, embarrassment and defensiveness. Practicing breathing, grounding and pausing gives us choice in these moments.

When we practice this regularly we become more teachable and grow in our own unlearning of everyday racism. We also become more patient and effective in talking to other white people about their racial mistakes.

I would love to hear from you about how you practice grounding and pausing!


Kalissa Scopes, Unlearning Everyday Racism

Here is the link to the Unlearning Everyday Racism Roadmap I mentioned in the previous video. You can use the roadmap to come up with some categories or some ideas for learning areas.

And get in touch if you need some help with this part of the process! Email me at unlearningeverydayracism@gmail.com!


Talking to Other White People About Race Checklist

  1. Do your own work
  2. Schedule the conversation
  3. Assess the other person
  4. Identify your “Why”
  5. Let your body help you
  6. Consider the stakes
  7. Get honest about motives
  8. Take context into account
  9. Plan the conversation
  10. Have the conversation
  11. Debrief and celebrate
  12. Choose your next conversation
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